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23 August 2021 @ 02:00 pm

Due to some Spam comments i decided to lock my LiveJournal Friends locked.
Most of my Entries( if i share something )will be for at least 3 Days unlocked .
Please leave a comment here with some Info´s about u. U don´t need to tell me your whole resume *lol*
I don´t add u back if u wrote just "Please add me back" or "I´m Person XY nice to meet u, add me back" u know what kind of comments i mean ryt?^^
I´m really interessed to met new Friends with the same hobbys or interestings.

To give u a lil Preview what i am  (and no, i´m not an alien or Monster xD)  i´ll give u some infos about me.

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01 October 2020 @ 02:20 pm
Well..i decided to make a summary.
I think it´s easier to navigate and i like it if i know who is who^^.
It took me a lil bit but i did know for what i do it and that it it´s worth^^
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Hi there ^^
just a short Entry.
Finally it´s Weekend and i got 2 days off from work *yay*
Sorry but i don´t know from where the scan is. Obvisouly it´s a new one but from which mag... ?!
Hope u will have a nice weekend and have fun with the files *wave*

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24 August 2013 @ 05:57 pm
Hi there^^
Ah , it´s great to got more freetime.
An hour ago i gave my work a call and i found out that i have 3 free days next week *lol* that makes me really happy.
Finally more time for things which i wanna do for a long time.Hope i will not beeing too tired xD
At least there´s a lot of time left for watching drama, have some on my list and can´t wait to see them.

Oh btw...did u watch summer nude? Do u like it?
while i watch the first Ep i cry a LOT xDDDD It makes me so sad to see Natsuki beeing alone, Hanae how much she loves Asahi and..Asahi?! Okay, to be true i don´t care at him xDDD
I HATE Kasumi, never will unterstand why he loved that girl so much, and about Hanae.
I really hope they NOT ending beeing a couple.
Hanae deserves someone better as Asahi. Hanae is waaaaay to good for Asahi *lol*
Karina did a great job.First i was not happy that she´s in the cast because i really dislike her in Ashita no Joe but in Summer Nude she´s JUST great!!! <3
From Summer Nude to Anude...Tomo´s new Album.
Ppl. i REALLY hope its much more better as the Ero Album but after the Preview from the Title song i doubt that it will be >_____>
I understand that artist have to grow, that their Music will change from Time to Time but i´m allready sick of Songs like Summer Nude, Ke Sera Sera, Ai Texas etc.
I want Songs like in the SGSB Album.
They were just GREAT but noooo...
The only thing what´s left is the hope that the other songs of the album will be good but i didn´t have that much hope left for it *sight*

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08 August 2013 @ 03:04 pm
Hi there ^^
How have u been?
I felt better, my sore throat is gone and i don´t have that much to work...THANKS GOD!

So.. jin´s Single is out and the PV *Making off too.
Not sure about the PV and making off, it´s somehow cool to see all the Ppl and i understand the mesage behind it(+ it suits the song) but... i miss some jin in the PV *lol*
I wish i would be able to see more of him, i think the past 1,5 Years were simply too long  and i need more of this men xD
Well, i just like HWU, the other 2 are...okay but nothing what i will listen to.

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31 July 2013 @ 03:20 am
hello girls^^

just 8 days we have to wait to hear Jin´s ne song.
Are you exited?I AM!!
And because 8 days are too long i´m just drop by to share the AnAn scan ^^
He looks handsome and cute as allways.
Have a good night *wave*
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27 July 2013 @ 02:54 pm
It´s me again^^
I´m sick -.-"""
I have soare throat , usually i did not have this anytime exeption is when i catch a cold but this one feels soooo different and it HURTS -.-"
And the best, i have to work next week again 30Hours.
My boss ask me if i want to work more as now (20 hr) and i said yes, it´s okay as long as it is 25 hr..and now the second week in a row with 30hr >_______>
Will wait for my worl plan fopr next week and if i get 30hr again i will talk with him!
As u can imagine, my mood isn´t the best >____>

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26 July 2013 @ 11:27 pm
Hi there ^^

As all of u know, they released the short version of the HWU PV.
And i´m just dropping by to share it with u ^^

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25 July 2013 @ 01:34 pm
Hey Girls.
It feels like years since i make my last post *lol* but i will try to update this LJ as much as i can.
I guess i will post more since Jin is coming back and i really can´t wait.
Hey what´s up is SO addicted, just the prev was awesome.
Few Minutes ago i listen to the prev´s of Key to my Heart and Summer Time. It´s a bad Quali so i will wait for the full songs to judge.
From what i heard it´s okay^^

And because it´s his comeback he will be featured in some Magazines.

The first one is Josei Seven and that´s the Reason for my entry *lol*
He soooooo cute with curly Hair, wanna hug and kiss him  xDDD

~Jin is back~Collapse )
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08 April 2013 @ 10:30 pm
Congrats to our Birthdayboy.
Happy Birthday Tomohisa. Wish u all the best from the bottom of my heart.
Stay healthy and happy. I love you !
I´m not good at  words that´s why i have some Wallpaper and Icons to celebrate Tomo´s Birthday.
Hope u like them.
Sharing is fine as long as u credit me and DON´T claim them as yours ^^

~Wallpaper~Collapse )~Icons~Collapse )
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31 December 2012 @ 02:41 pm
Hi Guys
So this will be my last Entry for  2012. Sorry that i´m not that much active in the past  but i promise i will be more active in the new year.
I wish all of u a happy new Year
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It´s me again *lol*
As u can see, my LJ looks different from my old one (and damn, i forgot to take a Screenshot of my old style -.-"" )
I´m still not finish ..yeah i must be crazy to do that xD My old Layouts we´re done in 4 Hours, header 1 hour, in total 5 hours and this one took me almost 1,5 Days xDDD

But there was a lot what i have to google and i did evry single graphic in my LJ, that took me a lot of time.
But i´m so proud of it, esp the "Link List" (which i just put in HTML in my sidebar, the link list which LJ provided is deactivated because i don´t like how it looks xD)

I´m not sure about the background, i like it of course but i don´t like it that the box, were my entry is looks like the background (anyone know how i can change that).
I mean i´m proud that i´m able to put an image as background (google, my best friend xD) but... there´s something which i dislike xD.

Well, there are few things in my stylesheet which i have to change, the most colorcodes and maybe the font, size etc.
But today i have enuff of all that stuff xD I don´t wanna working on it and tomorrow it´s sunday, so it means familyday. Also i don´t have time tomorrow to do that, means that i will work on it monday.

Because i´m back in my creativity i did 3 Wallpaper (haha to be honest i just did 2 and the other one is just my header as Wallpaper xD) and some Icons.
I´m glad because as it seams i´m back at all of my Fields... graphics and writing.
I´m actually a rpg player *haha*, it´s new for me to write stuff like that but i know the ppl from a another board and it makes fun. Can´t wait til i´m the next to post *lol*
If u are interessed and can speak german, take a look at my sidebar, search for the links and click at the dare to dream Banner (*looool* such a promotion xD)
I would love to see some of u joining ^^

Okay i forgot AGAIN to post the pics in the wildanimal park, but i promised, in my next entry i will post them *lol*

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~Wallpaper~Collapse )

~Scan~Collapse )
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15 February 2012 @ 12:13 am
I know i´m late but i don´t wanna miss the chance to wish all of u a

Happy Valentines Day

love u all <3
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